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honey alternative.

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More than 50 chefs, restaurants and food manufacturers across Canada trust bumble bloom to create amazing dishes and/or sweeten their CPG products.

Perfect for sauces & marinades, drizzles on ice cream, pastries, sushis or to caramelize vegetables, fruits or veggie proteins. Our vegan and organic honey has inspired many unusual creations.

We are proud and very grateful for all the great collaborators who partnered with us and we're actively looking to connect with visionaries who love to push boundaries and create a long lasting business relationship.

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  • ETHICAL / Do our best to treat others as we want to be treated, and give back when we can.

  • SUSTAINABLE / Act like this is our only planet, never stop working to eliminate waste from our processes.

  • ORGANIC / Always 100% certified organic ingredients (as much as possible).

  • TRANSPARENT / Stick to simple recipes without junk, be transparent in our marketing and our business.


What, honey isn’t vegan? Well no! For comparison, there is cow's milk (intended for calves) and its alternative, plant-based drinks (oats, almonds, coconut, cashews, etc.). In the same way, there is honey produced by bees (which they create for food), and its vegan alternative, bumble bloom™! We've made it our mission to offer a healthy, organic, honey-like product that people love, but without the negative impact on bee colonies.

Honey’s reputation as a natural, feel-goodproduct began in the 1960s, building on the image of beekeeping as a practice in harmony with nature. By the 1970s, increasing demand and foreign competition led beekeepers to begin feeding bees High-Fructose Corn Syrup, as more and more of bees’honey was extracted for sale. So what’s wrong with that?

Well, honey is more than just a commodity : it’s the bees optimal food.

They make it to sustain the hive over the cold winter ahead. When their honey is extracted and replaced with an inferior sugar substitute – a junk-food diet – colony health is severely compromised. Without healthy bees, many of the foods we take for granted just won’t be available. bumble bloom gives hard working bees a break. Honey is for bees!


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